Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round Robin - Emotions

pride, originally uploaded by sunflower kat.

Yesterday was a big day for my son Joel. We attended the 5th grade awards presentation and his class "graduated" from elementary school. In addition to his diploma, he was called to the stage to receive a Presidential Academic Achievment Award. He was not expecting this honor...and I don't know that I've ever seen him quite like this...beaming with PRIDE!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Round Robin ~ Signs

Don't we wish?!?!?

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Friday, March 10, 2006


red, originally uploaded by sunflower kat.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was lucky enough to come home from a charity event last night with the centerpiece. It has been a real respite from the dull grey winter that is dragging on here. I's only the end of February....but it SEEMS like it's been forever since we've seen any color around here. Especially anything so PINK!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blue Jay

What a little glutton!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Photo Friday Challenge ~ Best of 2005

It seems a nearly impossible choose the "best" photo from the archives of a year. I finally settled on this one, because it moves me. This was a moment of magic for me, to stumble across this lone musician, playing from his soul to the expanse of the mountains and Lake Tahoe. I heard the music in the distance and followed the sound. I don't think he was ever aware I was there. It brings me pure joy.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I am really itching to get outside for some pictures and the weather just IS NOT cooperating. We are getting substantial snow today...and I was ready for spring. Yesterday, I saw a few bunches of little snowdrops that had bloomed and I tried to get a picture of them But it was too windy and I just couldn't get a good exposure. I was disappointed - up close they are beautiful.
So - I'm dipping into the archives again.
I love cats...I always have. But we can't have cats because we have TWO family members with allergies. However, this little fellow was my kitten fo a couple of days one summer. One day, I heard meowing under my deck. My husband (allergic person and cat hater) was out of town. So I coaxed the kitten out and we kept him in the laundry room until we could find him a good home. He was a total sweetheart. I hope he's happy.

This entry has 8 comments:

Great cat photo Kat! Love the close up of the face.Comment from
hsent - 3/19/04 1:26 PM

wow,that`s a great pic !!!!!VinceComment from deabvt - 3/17/04 2:39 PM

Oh... how sweet... I just want to kiss his little nose!! Great picture!Comment from daphneh2o33 - 3/17/04 10:56 AM

Love the eyes! Very nice.Comment from sepintx - 3/17/04 12:04 AM

OOOOOOOOOOO i LOVE THIS ONE!!! XXOOOComment from ckays1967 - 3/16/04 9:41 PM

Incredible photo. I'm still trying to figure out to reduce redeye, much less capture such wonderful definition. Visual skills aren't my strong point, but I do enjoy them so.Comment from sistercdr - 3/16/04 7:04 PM

Kat, what a great shot. I too am allergic to cats and I hate it because my baby and my hubby love them. My baby loves them so much that he told me he'll just have to get a new mommy that loves cats. I considered getting allergy shots but can't bear the thought of needles so I get him all the stuffed cats that I can. I showed him this photo and he asked if we can buy him. Awwwwww! Glad to see you back. ~RC~Comment from queenz43 - 3/16/04 6:46 PM

Lovely shot.. this cat's eye's are so expressive. ¤HollyComment from
quroboros - 3/16/04 3:49 PM

First Hints of Spring (3/11/04)

Spring is taking it's sweet time here in PA this year. Some days I think it's here, and the next it seems we'll live in perpetual winter doldrums. There's very little out there yet that shouting "Welcome Spring!" But I have found some of the smallest signs.

This entry has 7 comments:

Excellent focus with appropriate depth of field. Nature shots are sure thingsComment from
drjosephrobbins - 4/12/04 2:49 PM

These photos are fabulous and you have a great eye. Glad you started a journal devoted to photography. ~Holly from quroboros - 3/14/04 10:14 AM

Your photographs are soo beautiful, Kat. ~EricaComment from
ebean20 - 3/13/04 6:54 PM

I think Spring is my favorite season. Time to crawl from beneath the covers of winter and get outside! We've had a few teasing days here lately, but I have a feeling winter will get one more cold shot at us before March is over. April in Louisville is beautiful though, with everything blooming. Great Picture!Comment from
daphneh2o33 - 3/13/04 11:44 AM

Rebirth is good. Spring is cool. But I am not quite ready for it. Maybe one more snow would do it! I am not sure why. Maybe Spring means Summer, hard to say. At any rate, the signs are around. It just takes a careful observer like you to note them. Thanks for the beautiful reminders.Comment from
windswift1 - 3/13/04 8:23 AM

That`s beautiful!! And especially heartening that it`s in PA!!VinceComment from
deabvt - 3/13/04 7:42 AM

Buds!Great shot :-)Comment from
sepintx - 3/11/04 11:21 PM


It's still to early to find much of interest outside. But, once things start growing I'll have a yard FULL of columbine. It self seeds and spreads like crazy - and it is one of the earliest of my garden delights. You can't help but notice the spectacular blooms...but if you're not out early, you might miss this.

This entry has 7 comments:

Love this one. Drops are great :-)Comment from sepintx - 3/11/04 11:28 PM

Beautiful. I'm going to have to get up early someday, and REALLY be awake and look for something good to shoot.Comment from
karensull12 - 3/11/04 2:09 PM are very talentedComment from
redhdka - 3/10/04 12:24 AM

I can't wait to see this one in bloom! Hmmm, maybe this could be my next painting challenge! Love, KimComment from
edgebag - 3/9/04 7:19 AM

What a great photo! I LOVE that! I'd love to know what kind of camera you're using too. My 35mm is old and pretty well shot. Everone's off buying digital and I've been debating but I always loved the high quality of my 35. Care to share? :-)Wow. Do you mind if I print it?Comment from
lifes2odd - 3/8/04 7:16 PM

Exellent shot Kat!~RC~Comment from
queenz43 - 3/8/04 7:11 PM

mskat...Wonderful!!!!VinceComment from
deabvt - 3/8/04 4:18 PM

Then and Now (3/7/04)

Nikki expressed an interest in seeing how the baby in the quarry series had grown up. He's almost nineteen now...and he's changed "just a bit". We still think he's pretty cute though! So...this is Schuyler...then and now (almost now - he's 17 in this shot).

This entry has 7 comments:
You'd better lock that boy up! He's probably got more girls than he knows what to do with! It's so great to see how children change and yet how they stay the same. And I love the diaper "bubble butt" how cute is that!!!Comment from
daphneh2o33 - 3/13/04 11:42 AM

Thoughtful guy. A feature that seems to have been with him all his life. Very interesting.Comment from
windswift1 - 3/13/04 8:20 AM

A gorgeous boy!Comment from
redhdka - 3/10/04 12:24 AM

I LOVE these kinds of photos--I love seeing how my kids have grown and changed over the years. How handsome! ~KimComment from
edgebag - 3/9/04 7:20 AM

What a handsome young man Kat!! How are you keeping the girls from knocking down your door???? :-)~RC~Comment from
queenz43 - 3/7/04 6:53 PM

Awwwww. He's adorable!!! (And I love the new photo of him.) I can still see a lot of that little boy in his face. Thanks for sharing Kat!Comment from
somenuttychic - 3/7/04 2:47 PM

He IS pretty cute! Does he have a girlfriend? I'm quite sure my daughter would be interested ;-)Comment from
lifes2odd - 3/7/04 11:06 AM